ICA is a international non-governmental organization based in France, which operates under the French legal system, and the status of an association under the law of 1901.

ICA governance relies on the principles of transparency, democracy and accountability. ICA is an organization for archive professionals and institutions and it has no political affiliation.

ICA governance is ruled by a constitution. The constitution describes the role, mission and responsibilities of the various bodies composing the organization.

ICA governance is in the hands of two main bodies: the General Assembly  is the highest decision-making body in the ICA and decides on long-term strategic directions as well as the management of the organization. In between GAs, responsibility for ICA's performance lies with the Executive Board, which implements the GA decisions and, if necessary, proposes adjustments to the strategic directions.

ICA leaders and officers are elected by voting members. The Secretariat takes the lead in coordinating day to day operations.


ICA Meetings 2023



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