ICA Archives

The archives of the ICA Secretariat date from its creation in 1948. They document the life, functions and development of ICA. The archives document significant events, like the international Congresses, landmark resolutions, expert position papers (like the question of the archival claims) and the establishment of sections such as SPA .

The files (up to 1992) have been sorted and an inventory list created. An agreement was signed with the French National Archives and the archives are on deposit at the Fontainebleau Branch. The ICA archives are freely accessible. Should you wish to consult them, please inform the Secretariat first. The catalogue, in French only at present, is available on request from the Secretariat and at Fontainebleau. These archives are in paper format.

The archives of ICA branches, sections and working groups are kept in the regions or by an officer of the entity.